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And a crosspost, to stop being chickenshit and let my LJ watchers know that I'm on DW~

Okay, so.

Harry Potter:
Still have not seen the final movie, baw. Work sucks, as far as that goes. Also, working doggedly on my entry for the hp_3forfun big bang - yeah, that's right, I'm writing for a big bang. About a threesome. That will squick out basically everyone ever. xD Oh, my ships. Also, a giant welcome to anyone I may have added through hp_add_me! <3

Gundam Wing:
Falling back in love with it, as one of my very first fandoms. Not so much in love with the brand-new continuation Frozen Teardrop. I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that it even exists, 15 years after the fact, but as far as what's been revealed so far... well, I've gotten good in my other fandoms about being able to go "LA LA LA I'M NOT LISTENING CANON ENDED HERE~" I'm just not impressed with all the convoluted twists and turns that would put all the best/worst soap operas to shame (and I like soaps sometimes!). The kids all being basically carbon copies/expies drives me nuts too, like all the bad next-gen fanfic put together, only worse. Also, I'm sure this will be resolved eventually, but it's bugging the crap out of me that Sally's totally disappeared. She's kind of always been my favorite. And speaking of her, sgsdfhdsggshdf MY SHIP HAS SUNK, NOOOOOO. Augh, I'm such a mess~

Other things:
LJers, I've updated my muse list! <3 Also, providing that my new tablet works a little better than the old one, expect more doodle entries? 8D
DWers, Kink Bingo is proving rather challenging. I have a silly half-written Drake/Josh piece for the 'food' square, but other than that, man... I keep vacillating re: what pairs to write, and also what the hell kink I'm gonna use for my free square. BTW, I'm going for the backslash-line, so sensation play, roleplay, free space, begging, food.
Everyone, I'm probably going to start archiving my fic (the half-decent stuff, anyway) at one or both journals~! Yes, no, maybe, llamas?


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